Live beautifully
Dream passionately
Love completely .
Party while you can.
You might not know me, but here's the best description i can do: I'm half japanese, half american. I have diabetes. music makes my life complete. I have a chihuahua named peanut. I'm single, and my lifes going okay, not great. I love long car rides, music, cute couples, old songs, making memories, and remembering the great ones, nails, forever21, long and curly hair, family time, and when people make me feel like a million bucks.
Things i hate, the obvious; all bugs, fakes, hoes, heartbreak, depending on someone, and long boring classes. Time goes by fast when your having fun so live life to the fullest !
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has it ever occurred to you that you could change your life right this second if you really wanted to?  you could stand up and yell at your teacher if you wanted to, you could place yourself in a life or death situation if you wanted, you could even take that risk and just spontaneously and passionately kiss the one you really love by surprise.  you could change the entire outcome of our lives, and if our lives are really as bad as we say they are, why won’t we take those chances.

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-Highschool Poppers
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